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Azure has moved to Steam! Regretfully the itch version will no longer be receiving any updates, but you can still play the full game for free through the demo @



Azure is a colony management sim based on a flying ship. Grow your society by managing food and water supplies. Use blocks to construct rooms, walkways, staircases and any other features you can think of. 

The game is currently at a prototype stage, with audio and gameplay content lacking. It’s being released at such an early stage as I’m keen on hearing your suggestions and what direction you’d like it to go!

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Install instructions

Simply unzip the folder, then run the Azure application, no need to install!


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I'm just going to post my notes in the comments as I usually do. Using reviews to post the detailed notes was an idea I wanted to try out but ultimately found unnecessary.


  • Messes can spawn on islands, including on the lake on water islands, being unreachable.
  • Settlers will often refuse to harvest, regardless of job set.
  • Sometimes the type of resource doesn't match the node (such as blue berries in the stone-looking mineral nodes).
  • Flipping pieces no longer seems to work.
  • Water nodes have an opaque box appear when ordered to be harvested, other resource nodes have no indication of being the target of a harvest order.


  • I don't believe it is currently possible to cancel a harvest order, being able to would be nice.
  • I would advise having at least one food and water container be required like the mineral and gold containers, considering ships now use minerals to build, forgetting something like that could be very annoying.
    • Previously the required gold and mineral containers vanished after being used up, which could result in unintentionally building too much, forgetting to build a resource storage and therefore not being able to store any resources, resulting in being stuck.
    • Now pieces of the ship can be deconstructed as a last resort but it still isn't preferable.
    • I would suggest allowing for a free construction of each of the container types upon leaving the ship build menu, better compartmentalizing the furnishing and the ship constructing processes.
  • The current starting budget doesn't allow for much of a ship past a floating platform, maybe doubling or tripling the starting minerals to allow for a small, but decently nice ship hull and some basic, necessary furnishing.
  • Instead of "[piece]" and "[piece] inverted" starboard and port would be clearer and free the word "inverted" for use with actual inverted pieces to help with smoothing the ship's shape.
  • Ability to toggle engines if you want to conserve crystals and don't mind a reduced speed.
  • The tutorials are nice, although a "hide tutorials" button for if you decide you get the gist of it would be good. Would be especially useful to allow for repeated viewing (in the event of a return after a break and not remembering the specifics) while also allowing easy opting out.
    • A ? button on the boxes to reshow that box's info would also be advisable and nice.
  • Being able to move all furnishings would be a nice feature, although not a necessary one.
    • With that said, I do feel that containers should be moveable, due to the nature of needing to store minerals and getting stuck if you deconstruct all of the containers.
  • Messes spawn pretty frequently right off the bat, making it a bit annoying considering you start with a single person who also needs to build, mine, farm, and everything else until you get more people.


  • The engines are a welcome addition for world building and ship function reasons.
  • The clouds and improvements to the day/night lighting are very nice looking.
  • The red "can't place here" zones for the length of the position of the dock points are very helpful.
  • Ship pieces using minerals to build was a logical decision, although this makes my dreadnought dreams less immediately achievable (but that's okay. I should have to work for it).
    • I suspect that this is already planned, but different costs depending on the volume of the piece would make sense.
    • A blueprint system (similar to the one seen in Cosmoteer) for planning out changes ahead of time would helpful.
  • Not fond of the return to the linearity of the island placements to be honest, makes it feel less like a world to explore and navigate around in and more like a path to travel.
    • Being unable to travel to previously-visited islands further makes it feel constrained. Like they are just places to use up instead of something significant to the world that you are a part of.
  • Needless to say, I appreciate the new save system.


  • Do the required gold and mineral containers still vanish after being used up?
  • Are the engines automatically fed crystals?
    • If yes, then...
    • ...will they require settler labor later?
    • ...do they need to be placed directly beside a storage container?
  • Does/Will the location of the engines on the ship matter?


Another update, another step forward. Keep it up!


Hey, thanks for the feedback, I'm definitely reviewing the points!

Gold and mineral containers dissappearing is a bug!

At the moment engines automatically consume crystals, regardless of the distance. This may change later.

Currently the location of the engines doesn't matter.

Hello again. I have tried a bit of 3.1, and have some more bugs to report. I am uncertain if I should mention bugs that are still present since my last post, so I will include them this time. Should you prefer I only report new bugs, let me know and I will do that in the future.

I am also not sure if I should start a new main comment each update I comment on or just comment in previous chains. Again, let me know if you have a preference.


New Bugs:

  • The "required" engine would not move upon attempting to place it.
  • I tried relocating the "required" pieces after leaving the ship building mode the first time, and they would not move. After saving and loading, they moved.
  • Flipping pieces no longer seems to work.
  • The ceiling lamps, when placed on the ceiling, are placed inside of the ceiling block instead of beneath it. The ghost piece showing its location before placement had it in the right spot, but after being built it embedded itself in the ceiling.
    • In testing this I realized that the grid now works both from above and below, very nice!
  • This bug was present before but I forgot to mention it. If you build your ship while docked, upon returning to the not-builder mode your ship will re-dock.
    • If your settler is close enough to the ship while on the island when you do this, they will fall into the cloudy abyss below.
      • They will respawn at the spawn point, but even so, poor fella. :(
  • Saving does not maintain the island you were at. Saved at a mineral merchant and loaded to a tree island.

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

Old Bugs (Still Present):

  • Deleted ship pieces are still returning after saving, quitting, and loading, I have another save if you would like it.
    • On the bright side, I get to prototype some ship shapes, allowing for refining the plans.



  • Button for cursor glow in ship build mode.
    • Or better yet, have ship build mode always be day time.
      • Or make it an option in the menu.
      • Or make it toggleable in the ship build mode screen.


Regarding the new game mode, I hope my comment didn't make you go through a lot of trouble just to sate my dreadnought fondness. With that said, it has allowed me to begin another large ship (although the "deleted pieces returning" bug does put a damper on my parade, I might see if I can delete them again and continue this build), which has made me happy - so I thank you.


Hey NonpermanentClerk, thanks again for all your help. I've been looking through the points and trying to address them. (p.s. don't worry about making comments- they're incredibly useful to help guide the project.)

When I have a minute, I'll see what itch can offer to better manage comments.

In the meantime, you're welcome to join the discord I recently made @  http://discord.gg/qZ6aHn9

Also I've moved it back to a world-map system, so hopefully that will cover island spawn issues. 

Thanks again!

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I first tried this game when it was v0.1.3. I was considering posting a comment then that could be summarized as "Interesting idea, but the crashes keep me from exploring it further."

Fast forward a few months and I checked on a few projects I'm keeping tabs on, including this one. I saw that there had been several updates, so I gave the then-latest version 1.8 a try. It was a drastic improvement, and no crashes had been experienced from then on. I had a comment drafted that I intended to post.

Fast forward another month or so and we are now in the present, where I finally decide to get off my rear and post a comment. The amount of change that this game has seen since I started watching it has sincerely amazed me, especially considering the new ship building system which seemed to crop up out of nowhere (though it didn't - it was made through your dedicated efforts).

This game is one that has impressed me every update and I look forward to seeing the future of this game and any future projects from you.

Keep up the excellent work!

I have included some bugs and suggestions in my rating review.

Edit: Removal of a redundant sentence and inclusion of the rating review note.
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Hi NonpermanentClerk, thanks very much for your comments! Your feedback is very much appreciated, and I'll definitely get around to addressing the points you mentioned!

The save file should be located here-
C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Local\Azure\Saved\SaveGames

I've created a new save file system so a player can save on multiple slots and hopefully not risk too much of their work.

You've already made a new, multi-slot save system? You continue to impress. I have edited my rating review to have a link to my save file if it can be of any assistance.


Haha, yep, I had already put a bit of work towards it as the single file system was causing me stress too. Thanks for the save file, I'll give it a check!

nice game! Please make the ship move slower that will give the player enough  time to click on the island, also make a notice sound that there will be an island ahead so that you won't miss something, how about random merchant ship? Anyway, I'm looking forward to play full game when it realease

Hey MHD, thanks very much! I appreciate the feedback, I’ll note those for the next release. I’m hoping to include a world map feature later, where the player can choose a destination island to visit.